What is Norton Antivirus

Norton or is the One the best antivirus company all over world. It is an anti malware software developed and distributed by Symantec corporation. Norton setup uses heuristics and signatures to detect viruses in your computer. It features also include phishing protection and email spam filtering. Norton setup product is distributed as box copy, a download and as an OEM software. Norton Antivirus and Norton internet security runs on mac OS as well as Microsoft windows including windows 10, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7 and lower versions as well. An Alpha-Numeric code is generated to identify computers configuration, which ties in with the product key

Benefits Of Norton Internet security

It helps secure your private information including bank account details, credit card details, passwords while using public WiFi or public network. It help protect your privacy by letting you browse web anonymously. It encrypts your data using a no-log Vpn that does not store or track your activity. It prevents access to unsafe websites & unsafe downloads. It protects you from virus and worms that come across the network whenever you go online or whenever you hookup your computer to your network

Procedure for Installing & activating the


  1. First Of all go to on your internet browser like google chrome or IE.
  2. Sign in to your Norton Internet Security account (Existing User) using your email address or user id or Create a New Account.
  3. Enter Your 25 digits key which is printed on your key card which you purchased  from the store or if you have purchased it online then you have to check your registered email for confirmation.
  4. Select your preferred Language for the Norton Internet Security.
  5. Simply hit Get Started Button on the same page after filling all mandatory fields.
  6. Check the “Agree to the Terms & Conditions” provided on the page and click on the button by following on-screen instructions.
  7. Your Norton Security Setup will start downloading automatically on your device. You can check it on the same browser.
  8. Now go to Norton Security Downloads folder and then execute the Program.
  9. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen once you started installing the Norton Internet Security.
  10. Enter your registered Email Address and password to verify your Norton Internet Security account. Congratulations! You are have installed your Norton Internet Security Successfully with the help of

how to buy norton online from


  1. If you want to buy Norton security and its product key online you can get it from
  2. Open your browser.
  3. Inside the URL tab, type
  4. Your will see a page with Norton versions like there with price an planing.
  5. Choose the Norton product you want to buy.
  6. Once decided, Click on the Buy Now button.
  7. After that you will be redirected to Norton store and you will see Norton added to cart.
  8. Proceed to checkout & pay with your credit or debit card.
  9. Now you will get your Norton product key by your mail or it will be automatically aligned with your email that is signed in.

Comparisons of Various versions of Norton Antivirus Software

Norton 360 Standard version: Its the basic versions of security and it is applicable for one device only. You cannot use it on multiple devices. It supports all platforms like windows, Mac, Android.With this version you will get 10GB Cloud backup for a PC. Its price is around $40 for one year.
Norton 360 Deluxe Version: Its is the 2nd level of security that is applicable for 5 devices.It consists of 50GB of cloud backup for your PC. It costs around $50 for one year.
Norton 360 with LifeLock: It is also available for 5 devices with 100Gb of cloud backup for PC. It supports windows, mac, android. It is packed with LifeLock identity theft protection. With this feature your Identity is safe while using internet.Its will cost you about $99 per year.
Norton 360 Ultimate Plus: With this versions you will get a lot benefits like parental control, Bank & credit card activity alerts, Fictitious identity monitoring, court records scanning.

How to renew Your Norotn Antivirus subscription with

  1. You have to start your product by clicking on the Norton icon in Norton dashboard you will see Norton renew link down on the bottom left or right side.
  2. Click on the renew link.
  3. After that you will see a Subscription window, click Buy a subscription.
  4. All you need here is to choose here On the Norton products then click Buy Now or Subscribe Now.
  5. Now there will be a popup where you have to sign in with your details.
  6. Now you can enter your billing information and place your order.
  7. When you will successfully purchase your Norton, your subscription gets activated or renewed automatically.And one more thing, any days remaining on your existing subscription will gets automatically added to the new subscription period.

How to uninstall my previous version of Norton Antivirus

Before installing any new version Norton Setup it is always recommended to uninstall the previous one.
Go to control panel from your pc or laptop
Find programs and features
Go through programs and find Norton setup and Click on uninstall and restart your device.

You can also download Norton removal tool from here Norton Removal Tool

FAQs with Answers

  • Open your Norton security on your device and go to dashboard.Now find the setting option in product’s main window and click on it. You have to go to the Administrative Settings present in the Settings window.Product Security option will be available now and then you have to click on the “On/Off” switch to turn off or turn on the Norton Product Tamper Protection feature.After you will choose the option you have click on apply to make change in the Norton.There will be also time duration option available for how long the tamper protection will be turned off or on, its up to you what time you will choose to make change on your device.

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