Baccarat Terminology

Baccarat goes beyond gaming. The art has grown into one of the world’s most popular casino games over hundreds of years. However, its prominence brings many unknown terms. New and veteran baccarat players may find the lingo bewildering. To assist you learn baccarat online, we created this words and concepts reference.

Typical Baccarat Phrases

Casino game baccarat dates back to the early 18th century. Baccarat originated in France and spread across Europe in the 19th century. Baccarat, known as “The Banker,” is a popular casino game today. Below are typical words for its characteristics and rules.


Baccarat has two interpretations for this phrase.  Betting amount per round. Another meaning is action at any point in the round.


Popular online card game: baccarat. Beat the banker or have a hand worth closest to 9 but not more than 9. Players can settle with the banker, gamble their hand, or tie.


Spanish for bank. It might refer to a baccarat variant or the “banker” betting choice. The French call it Banque.

Banker Bet

One of three baccarat bets. This bet pays 1:1 and requires a 5% commission.


The cost of baccarat bets.


A baccarat variant with a house-controlled bank. By betting the most, players can bid for the banker position in this game. Players can place numerous bets in this game.

Burn Card

Before dealing, the first cards are placed in a shoe.


A person at brick-and-mortar casinos who handles table cards.


French for asking the dealer for another card.

De Fer

European Baccarat is popular. In this game, participants can manage all bets as dealers.


Baccarat features a 5% charge on winning bank bets despite its low house edge.


The French word refers to a Baccarat round where the banker has one hand and the player has the other.


After shuffling, cut implies halve the cards before recombining.

Cut Card

After shuffling, this plastic card cuts the cards.


One who draws cards. Dealers or players can accomplish this.

Discard Tray

Most table games have discard trays. It holds all played or discarded cards.

Down Card

Down cards are dealt face-down for no one to see. Also termed a hole-card.

Dragon Bonus

A side bet that wins if the chosen bet wins by 4 points.

Card Faces

This word applies to all portrait-adorned cards, including Jacks, Queens, and Kings of any suit.

Flat Bet

A gambler who bets the same amount regardless of the hand.

House Edge

House edge is the casino’s advantage over players. This built-in buffer guarantees the casino a profit regardless of hand outcomes.


One of three Baccarat dealers.

La Grande

Baccarat natural 9.

The Little

Baccarat natural 8.


Sign a marker to borrow casino money. Players who wish to pay off their markers suggest they want to repay the loan.

Mini Baccarat

The smallest baccarat table can hold seven players. Mass players prefer Mini-Baccarat due to its lower table restrictions and speedier pace. Land-based casinos deal cards face down, but online Mini-Baccarat deals them face up.


It refers to a face or ten card.


Eight 52-card decks are needed to start shuffling.


Eight or nine depending on your two cards.


Baccarat croupiers use this long wooden staff to manipulate cards.


Baccarat offers three bets, including a player bet. House edge on player bets is little over 1%. The opposite of banker bets. Punters play baccarat.


A victory.


Another player term.

Bank Point

Baccarat variant Punto Banco is popular worldwide. Punto Banco—player banker in English—is based on mini-baccarat.


Pushes are unwinnable bets. Stakes advance to the next round.

A Random Number Generator

An automatic program shuffles cards in online baccarat casinos to maintain fairness.


A side bet lets you bet multiple hands.


A casino employee who recruits baccarat players.


Automated dealing devices eliminate manual handling accidents. Each shoe carries 6-8 decks. The shoe will be shown on the online Baccarat table and used to deal cards.


Alternate banker word.

Mix it up

Dealer shuffles early.


Usually indicates a solid player run.


Another phrase for a tie.

Playing Table

How players get a third card.


This is one of three bets. Both the banker and player get their bets back in a tie. If you win a tie bet, you get 8:1 or 9:1. However, tie bets have a house edge above 14%.


A card shown face-up to the table.

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