Jon Karl is the founder of Ultimate Bet.

Despite the fact that the online gambling business is still in its infancy, a number of well-known figures have already established themselves as some of the industry’s most influential newsmakers and trendsetters. Even though Jon (whose name is pronounced “Yawn”) Karl has been included in more than his fair share of news reports about online gambling, he is not exactly a household name.

Because this Internet entrepreneur was engaged in a huge controversy that shook the gaming industry in 2008 and beyond, most articles regarding Mr. Karl tend to be on the bad side of the news spectrum, as seen by a fast search on Google, which demonstrates that most stories involving Mr. Karl tend to be on the negative side of the news spectrum. Aside from that, the vast majority of instances in which his name is mentioned originate from a collection of news releases and social network biographies.

It is evident that Jon Martin Karl is the kind of person who would rather remain out of the spotlight for as much of his life as possible. Despite the fact that this is the case, I have made an attempt to gather as much information as I can on this controversial individual so that I may offer it in the form of a biography. While it is possible that it may not explain his intentions throughout the years, it should at least offer a picture of his position in the gaming business and where he may be going in the future.

The First Few Years

There are still certain individuals who, when it comes to the Internet, seem to be nothing more than phantoms, despite the fact that there are others who reveal every element of their life online. At least in terms of his formative years, Jon Karl is an example of this kind of individual.

There is no information available to provide a birth date for Jon Karl. To add insult to injury, his formative years as a youngster are shrouded in secrecy as well. The only reasonable inference that can be drawn from the available evidence is that Jon Karl was born, he reached maturity, and nothing especially noteworthy occurred along the way. Even the reason behind the unusual pronunciation of his first name is a mystery to me, and that’s something I’d want to know at the very least.

The day Jon Karl received his diploma from Oregon State University is the first time he appears on any significant record. His bachelor’s degree in business marketing has been referenced in a few different internet sites, albeit the precise year of his graduation is uncertain. Given that future business partner and co-founder of UltimateBet Greg Pierson attended the same university, it is also not unreasonable to suppose that the two individuals may have crossed paths during their time there.

After receiving his diploma, Karl immediately started seeking for a job that would provide him with a reliable income.
Employment quickly presented itself in the form of an offer from Hewlett Packard, where he was hired on as a consultant and marketing executive.

In the course of this period, he also developed an appreciation for massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). At first, this was nothing more than a pastime, but it would soon become connected to the most significant choice he would make about his professional life.

The Origin and Development of ieLogic

Greg Pierson, Karl’s close friend and someone who seemed to be on the path to becoming an entrepreneur, contacted Karl with an idea. He conceived up a concept for a software firm that would be involved in the online role-playing industry and operate in conjunction with it. Since both of these gentlemen enjoyed playing these games, it seemed to be the most natural thing to do. ieLogic was established in the year 1999.

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