The dull soul of English cricket lies uncovered

We won’t accept this without a fight. Presently isn’t the second to flatly acknowledge the most recent demonstration of savagery our ECB masters decide to execute against us. On Tuesday night, at the level of my annoyance, I composed on Facebook that Petersen’s excusal comprised the best demonstration of double-crossing throughout the entire existence of English game. Assuming that anybody tried to peruse my eruption, they might have considered me crazy. However, even in the virus light of day, I stand by each word. We, the devotees of the Britain cricket crew, have been treated with a presumption and scorn to a certain extent which is bizarre even by the guidelines of the English game’s order.

The ECB has taken a long slow glance at us and afterward tossed a pail of cold pee

They have sacked our best player – a cricketer whom a few of us despised, however a considerable lot of us revered, and by far most esteemed. In this manner, they have demolished any opportunity of our short-or medium-term restoration in Test cricket. Petersen’s firing was not just a pernicious and fearful method for treating one of English cricket’s best workers. It was likewise a self-incurred and disastrous destructive incident against the actual texture of our group.

Our group. Not their group. Our group. We – the allies, the observers, the Audience members – are individuals who make English cricket what it is. Without us, it has no significance or reason – and turns out to be just the confidential venture of 200 expert athletes and executives. Our energy and our cooperation are the pith of the whole game. What’s more, our cash pays for it. The pay rates of the ECB leaders and the Britain players are supported straight by the – extravagant – match tickets and Sky Sports memberships we purchase.

The ECB have consistently underestimated us

Never questioning that we unfortunate saps will submissively fork out anything it expenses to follow the group, in any event, when they offered the game to Rupert Murdoch to fill their pockets and afterward sent us the bill. Contingent upon your perspective, we are either the citizen or the client. In any case, when Downton, Whitaker and Giles contrived to go with their pivotal choice, do you imagine that for one nanosecond they contemplated us? Did they ask themselves – is the expulsion of Pietersen to the greatest advantage of Britain allies? It they’d need? Is it a fair method for treating them?

I don’t think so. Yet, when that call had been made – with all its enormous importance for the future wellbeing and execution of the test side – Paul Downton lacked the ability to be tried to clarify for us the justifications for why. The ECB’s inability to explain to us why – and precisely why – they fired KP is amazing in its egotism. We really want to know the exact thinking behind a choice which has caused such torment and which has such colossal importance for our future.

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